A language : Context Description Language (CDL)

CDL aims at formalizing the context with scenarios and temporal properties using property patterns. This DSML is based on UML 2. A CDL model describes, on the one hand, the context using activity and sequence diagrams and, on the other hand, the properties to be checked using property patterns. The originality of CDL is its ability to link each expressed property to a context diagram, i.e. a limited scope of the system behavior. allows contexts with scenarios and temporal properties using property patterns to be specified.

A toolset : Observer Based Prover (OBP)

OBP is an implementation of a CDL language translation in terms of formal languages. It takes as input a CDL model and generates a set of FIACRE programs after contexts splitting. OBP leverages existing academic simulators and model checkers, as TINA [LAAS] or OBP-Explorer [ENSTA-Bretagne].


Download OBP Explorer version 1.5.0

for Java 1.8, January 2017


Examples (for OBP Explorer 1.4.5 and after)

for more examples, please contact us

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